• College & I.


Making an introduction concerning myself, I would like to say that I am currently at my third semester in college,studying Media and Communications. It is a both interesting and fun subject to choose ,including classes from deep and meaningful poetry to science classes such as ecology, which is also responsible for the creation of this blog.

  • Blogging Ambitions.


Now that you know the reason why the blog has been created I would like to explain it’s aim as well. The posts will be dealing with environmental issues. In other words, I will be posting about anything that relates to how the living and non living things interact with each other. Gradually, more and more subjects will be explored through an educational approach, including not only useful but also interesting information.

  • An intriguing for me subject.


A matter that I find really fascinating is animal extinction. I would like to go deeper into the reasons of extinction as well as ways of preventing it. Furthermore, I consider ecosystem structures and their natural adaptation to new conditions captivating .

  •  An environmental issue that I consider important.

The ice melting is an issue for which I heard a lot about during last year. The climate around the world is changing rapidly and the poles face the terrible consequences. However, the biggest impact will be on human beings as, unless something is done drastically in order to prevent the catastrophe , the worse are yet to come.Therefore,flooding and endangered natural habitant are vitally important issues to be carefully examined.

  • Physical Topography in Thessaloniki.


Living in Thessaloniki I am lucky ,as a citizen, to have around a strikingly rich variety when it comes to natural topography. Surrounded by the gulf of Thermaikos, my town belongs to the broader geographical area of Macedonia. Well known are my area’s mountains such Chortiatis in the homonymous municipality as well as Vertiskos in Langadas and Kerdilio which belongs to the territory Volvi. Additionally, Thessaloniki’s biggest lakes are Volvi and Koronia. Last but not least, Macedonia’s three biggest rivers are Aliakmonas, Nestos and Strimonas in size order regarding their kilometers.

  • Environmental problems.


One of Thessaloniki’s major environmental problems is pollution, concerning both air and water. More specifically, due to industrialisation and policy problems, combined with climatic conditions that favor formation of photochemicals that trap pollutants close to the ground, smog is a dramatic problem for my city. Also, due to the town’s port,Thermaikos gulf has been polluted vastly.

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