What is the best way to combat the tragedy of the commons?

I believe that the tragedy of the commons ,being an unavoidable result of the human greed is an extremely tough problem to solve. Anything that is related to a behavioral pattern of people, repeated around the world, only to show how egoistic and self centered the human race can be, is difficult to be altered. The reason is that ,as the name of the phenomenon suggests, the scale becomes so immense that it becomes a tragedy; a tragedy that although can be predicted as a possible reality to come,from a considerably early stage, is treated superficially and with indifference.

Maybe at first slightly utopic yet proven historically, the solution to the problem is a common agreement; yet to a degree enforced. By using the term common agreement I mean a consent by not only all fishermen but also by the government as well as global organizations such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature. To set a realistic example as a guide, in 2007 due to overfishing, black caviar’s harvest and sale was banned in Russian by IUNC. However, the measures were taken only when the breed came close to extinction. I consider that prevention is the best therapy and when it come to “healing” the earth it is essential to act before the problem appears.

Therefore, I suggest that the coordination of every possible factor, not only individually (through raising awareness globally, primarily via education), but also by efficient organizations that collaborate with “environmentally friendly” governments is the best plausible solution.


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